PHOTO GALLERY: SAMA National Championship May 2022
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Johny Hector - M60: 5000m RW - 33:29.43

Keith Reynolds - M50: 5000m RW - 28:54.88

Kevin Phillips - M55: 5000m RW -26:56.56

Kobue Mzwakhe - M40: 5000m RW - 25:54.56

Hendry Smook - M70: 5000m RW - 35:16.62

Theuns Nieuwoudt - M45: 5000m RW - 29:50.16

MC Visser - W75: 800m - 4:46.25

Johan Fourie - M65: 1500m - 6:06.83

Charles Rall - M70: 400m - 1:37.24

Bobby de Kock - M75: 38:16.23

Minizama Mehlo - M60:400m - 1:01.83

Marisa Marais - Javelin: part of Pentathlon

Thea Marx - W45: Javelin - 20.62m

Tanya Pubalakan - W35: Javelin (Pentathlon) - 27.61m

Heleen Knobel - W55: Javelin - 28.43m

H van Deventer - W35: Javelin 29.90

Nicolene Hanekom - W40: 5000m run - 18:19:82

Thembe Ketsekile - W55: 5000m run - 29:51:49

Ezna Flattery - W55: 5000m run - 22:12.23

If we can do it - you can do it!

Sydney Gregan - M60: 5000m run - 21:19.88

M van Niekerk - M70: 5000m run - 26:18.21

Phillip Jacobs - M55; 5000m run - 20:27.50

Johan Fourie - M65: 5000m run - 25:43.29
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